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How Every DB Gave Up A Big Play vs Seattle

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The Philadelphia Eagles will not be able to make a run in the playoffs as long as the defense continues to give up big plays which they lead the NFL in.  The Philadelphia Eagles have the 26th ranked pass defense in the NFL, giving up an average of 258 yards a game.  They were right on par giving up 263 yards and 2 touchdowns to Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks.  The biggest issue is not the yards but how they gave up 9 plays over 20 yards to the Seahawks.

How every defensive back gave up a play over 20 yards…

Bradley Fletcher (CB)

The Seattle Seahawks who were backed up inside their own 10 yard line was able to get into the Philadelphia Eagles territory when Bradley Fletcher was flagged for pass interference when he wrapped his arms around the receiver (below image). This play was a 44 yard gain for the Seahawks which put them in position to score a touchdown a few plays later.

flet pi


Cary Williams (CB)

Cary had played decent most of the game but you can always count on Cary to breakdown in coverage and give up a big play.  In the play below Cary Williams is in press coverage against Seahawks receiver Ricardo Lockette who is running a go route (image 1). Keep in mind Cary wants to get a hand on Lockette to slow him down. Image 2 shows Lockette taking a hard jab step outside to set up his next move. Cary Williams starts to open his hips as he attempts to lunge at Lockette. Image 3 shows Lockette creating a 2 yard distance between himself and Williams and puts himself in position to just run straight down the field and leave Cary in the dust. Image 4 shows Lockette making the easy reception for a 20 yard gain with no challenge from Williams.

cary 1





cary 2






cary 3




cary 4


Brandon Boykin (N)

Brandon Boykin who has struggled this year because of his technique. Boykin is in the slot against Doug Baldwin who is running a deep drag route across the field. Boykin who is in man coverage opens the door wide open for Baldwin to run whatever route he wants without challenging him (image 1). In image 2 shows Baldwin making the 20 yard reception with Boykin trailing behind him. The Eagles can take any guy off the street and duplicate this technique.

boykin 1


boykin 2

Nate Allen (S)

Nate Allen days in Philly are just about over with this performance against the Seahawks. All year we have pointed out that Nate Allen’s biggest problem his mental errors which lead to big plays. Nate Allen struggles covering in space in zone. He gave up 2 plays that were over 20 yards. In the first play over 20 yards,  Nate Allen is dropping into coverage playing underneath of Seahawks Paul Richardson (image 1).  Nate Allen can not allow Richardson to catch anything that has him coming back to the quarterback.  In play 2 Richardson makes the reception coming back to ball and gets inside of Nate Allen.

allen a


allen b

Play 2 over 20 yards…Touchdown

In the play below, Russell Wilson rolls right to set up the throwback to running back Marshawn Lynch who is leaking out of the backfield. Nate Allen is responsible who the first man out who is lined up at the bottom of the screen (image #3).  Image #4 shows Nate Allen turning his back to Lynch and getting lost in coverage (mental error). Image #5 shows Lynch making the reception who is wide open because Nate Allen blew the coverage. Image #6 shows Nate Allen after blowing the coverage gives up the touchdown because he failed to make the tackle on Lynch.


allen td1


allen td2


allen td 3


allen td 4

Malcolm Jenkins (S)

Malcolm Jenkins has not been the safety the Eagles hoped for. He has not stepped up late in the season where he is needed most. He is supposed to be the leader of the secondary and right now he is just as bad as his counterparts. As we pointed out before the season Jenkins struggles covering in space and especially in man coverage and that is why the Saints let him go.  Jenkins gave up a number of catches to the Seahawks.

In the play below, Jenkins is in the man coverage against Doug Baldwin who is running a seam route. Jenkins is beat within 5 yards as he gets caught lunging which allows Baldwin to swim by Jenkins (image 1).  Image 2 shows Baldwin making the 20 yard reception on Jenkins.

jenkins 1


jenkins 2


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