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Success brings Expectations

NFL: Preseason-Pittsburgh Steelers at Philadelphia Eagles

After the Andy Reid experience failed and left Philadelphia exhausted, Chip Kelly was able to breathe a breath of fresh air into the city. Kelly took the league by storm in 2013 and took a 4-12 team and turned them into 10-6 and Division championship. Philly was revived and could see a championship team building in its sight.

Not many coaches are able to find success immediately after making the jump from college to the NFL. It is not because they are not good coaches. There is an adjustment period and realization that things are different like coaching grown men, the speed of the game, the nutritional aspect, the schedule, the rules, and coming to grips that what worked in college won’t work in the NFL. Well Chip defied those odds as he is known to have one of the smartest minds in all of football. He hit the ground running from day 1 and put his plan into action. The players were excited about the change and bought into his plan, which is the goal of any coach.

The 2013 season ended with a disappointing first round playoff loss to the New Orleans Saints 26-24. However, in just his first season Chip Kelly had the Eagles were back in the playoffs were Philadelphia had become accustomed to under Andy Reid.

If there is one thing that Kelly doesn’t know he will soon find out that Philadelphia is thirsting to host the Lombardi Trophy. There is no denying that reaching the playoffs is a daunting task in its self but the ultimate goal is bring a parade to the city. When you have a fan base that is as emotionally invested as the city of brotherly love, there is one thing that will satisfy that thirst….A parade! Will the fan base be satisfied with another 10-6 record and first round playoff loss?…NO! With the success Chip had in his inaugural season and ability to outsmart such great proven coaches the expectations going into his second year have risen.

So what will be acceptable to the fan base? Will it be just winning the division, losing in the first round of the playoffs, or winning in the playoffs. I believe that the fan base will accept nothing less than to reach the second round of the playoffs. Anything less than that will be a step back and a disappointing season.

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