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Wide Receiver and Tight Ends Analysis vs Washington


Jordan Matthews (WR)

The Eagles were finally able to get Matthews down the field on 26 yard completion. For much of the season Matthews was running all short to intermediate routes. By having Matthews who is a mismatch in the slot get down the field it stretches the defense. On the play below on 3rd and 25, Matthews runs a deep in route (image 1) and does a great job of finding the hole in the zone and coming up with a big reception to keep the drive alive. The Eagles were unable to find him often and he finished with 3 receptions 58 yards.

jordan 1


jordan 2

Jeremy Maclin (WR)

As the season has gone on Maclin has improved his route running a great deal. Instead of just running off the ball he has learned to set up the route. In the image below Maclin is running a deep out but goes hard inside off the ball to sell the drag route then goes back outside. He finished the game with 4 receptions for 62 yards. The Eagles were unable to find him deep because the Skins kept 2 guys deep the whole game.


Riley Cooper (WR)

Cooper waited till the second to last game of the season to make a big impact. Cooper came up with two big touchdowns on 3rd down. On the second touchdown, the skins were in two deep coverage and Cooper is running a seam route but the safety gets sucked in on play action (image 1) which allows for Cooper to slip in the back of the end zone and then he does a great job of going up and getting the ball that was high from Mark Sanchez.

cooper 1


cooper 2

Zach Ertz (TE)

Ertz had a career day but the stats are a little misleading. The way the Skins were playing defense they took away everything deep which allowed for the middle of the field to be open as well as anything short.  Ertz had 15 receptions for 115 yards but none were over 15 yards (image 1).

ertz 1

Brent Celek (TE)

Celek was flexed out wide a great deal but was unable to get open due to his slow speed. His only target and reception was a big one which came on 3rd and 15 to keep the chains moving.

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